You know, where you are the boss, you decide the hours, who you want to work with, and what you will charge?

If you came to this website because you thought that a Home Watch Service might do all that- IT CAN!

My name is Mark Mehling, and I am known as “the HomeWatchGuy”. I have started two home watch businesses, one VERY upscale, written a book for homeowners who think they can go it alone called “Leaving Your Home-Alone”, and have been listed as one of America’s Premier Experts.

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Why is a Home Watch service a good opportunity now?

Very simply, it is a matter of demographics.

The baby boomers, and maybe you are one, are retiring at a huge rate and many of them have saved for their entire lives to have two homes.

They want the warmth of winter in the Southern tier states, not the harsh cold, bone-chilling cold of the North. But there are also other people looking to live in the great states of the USA. Coming from Canada, England, France, Greece, Switzerland and Spain, among others, these ‘over the ocean’ snowbirds are buying houses while the economy here is down.

And don’t forget…

all the other empty houses that you see- each represents an opportunity. Folks are moving away and, because of the housing slowdown, leaving empty homes behind with real estate salespeople. Very few of the owners realize that these salespeople ARE NOT going to give the house the attention it needs to stay in ‘ready-to-sell’ condition. The smart ones know that, just as they needed a sales professional to sell, they need a home watch professional to maintain it- and that could be YOU!

And what about all the vacant properties that are bank owned, we haven’t even considered them at all yet there they sit, lawns dying, mold growing, roof leaking, basement filling with bugs, vermin, or worse, water. Which is cheaper- someone to watch the property or reducing the price $25000 OR MORE because it is a mess?

And we haven’t even touched on other sources and possible clients.

How can you tell if a Home Watch Service could work in YOUR area?

There are several ways that I personally recommend that you check out before you invest a lot of money.

But the first way is very simple. If you live down in a southern state, are you seeing more and more houses looking vacant as the summer starts? Do you know people who go away for the season? Maybe you are in a community where it is obvious. The same situation applies if you live up North.

Did you see homes vacant for the winter? Snow piling up, mail and flyers in the driveway, on the doorstep? We have other more sophisticated tools but this simple observation is a great way to get started- and IT’S FREE!

Will I be rich right away?

No, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It will require work and may take a season or two to build a reputation and client base. Depending on your commitment, it can be a wonderful part time job to start, perhaps only seasonal.

But there are plenty of year round opportunities and people who need more than just seasonal attention. Once you sign up you will be able to see ways to get moving quickly. But like any business that is your own, we cannot make any guarantees or income promises.

Is this a franchise?

Absolutely not.

When I founded HomeWatchValet, the first service I started, many BEGGED me to make it a franchise. I prefer not to and here is why. It costs a lot of money for me to get the business past all the legal red tape just to prove it is a salable business.

That adds HUGE money to the end cost that you would have to pay.

Instead, I am making the information available to you at a fraction of what it would cost for a franchise. And besides, with a franchise, after you spend that initial 25K or more, you get the privilege of paying FRANCHISE fees for the rest of the life of the business!

Every month, you pay either a flat fee or a percentage, not of your profits, but of the gross amount you take in. And should you decide to do something different than the ‘franchise manual’- OH BOY- watch out!

They can close you down in a minute and you have little to no recourse.

What you want is a business of your own, where you make the calls, you make the decisions, and since you take the risk, you get the bigger rewards.

So go ahead and sign up now, before someone in your area starts a home watch business! You know how many times you have had an idea and before you act, someone else makes their move and there you are- sitting and watching from the sidelines.

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This is Mark the HomeWatchGuy, wishing you the best of business!!